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wire wrapping

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial.JPG

Wire Wrapping is a fun and artistic process that allows stones of all shapes and sizes to be worn as stunning jewellery. Absolutely anybody can do it, and with designs ranging from the elegantly simple to the dazzlingly complex it’s a truly unlimited form of expression!

How does it work?

The first step is choosing the perfect stone for your creation, and then selecting from a range of different gauge wire and styles to compliment the stone just right. From here the fun begins, as a variety of tools are used to carefully “wrap” the stone with the wire before finishing with a “loop” or “bail” that will allow the finished piece to be worn as a necklace or earrings.


Like all activities at our club rooms, Wire Wrapping is extremely addictive and opens up a whole new world of creativity! The beautiful feature of Wire Wrapping is that a stone can usually be finished in one session, which means you’ll be heading home with a wonderful piece of jewellery and a million ideas for more :)


If you’d like to join in the fun or would like to take a look at the process and learn more, simply visit one of our scheduled sessions where our great volunteers will be more than happy to show you how it all works!

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial.JPG


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