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 Workshops & Social Meetings

The clubrooms have reopened and most workshops will resume from 17 January 2023 check with relevant workshop Manager

Mask wearing encouraged and observe social distancing protocols

Check with your workshop manager prior to attending

Participants feeling unwell or with COVID/flu like symptoms must isolate not attend & will be sent home by workshop manager if trying to attend with obvious symptoms   


Next social meeting 


Masks encouraged and 1.5m social distancing to be observed


Other Activities

Membership Renewals

A reminder that membership fees are due end of February and any fees paid after 1 April will incur a $10 joining fee 


COVID-19 Procedures

The club committee has introduced the following procedures in relation to club activities and workshops :


  • Workshops may be cancelled at the discretion of the workshop manager due to changed restrictions;

  • All participants to contact relevant workshop Manager prior to confirm attendance or to confirm workshop still proceeding;

  • Workshop Manager to sign participants in and out and participants will be denied access if deemed unwell by Workshop Manager or presenting flu like symptoms;

  • Participants encouraged to bring own thermos and cups;

  • Participants encouraged to wear masks at all times clean hands and equipment and work area prior to and on completion with supplied sanitiser;

  • Participants to comply with regulated social distancing requirements and posted persons/work area 



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